5 Ways You Can Manifest Wealth And Abundance

Times are uncertain, the pennies are being pinched and the purse strings are getting tighter by the day. The pandemic has seen many lose their incomes and businesses have come to a standstill. They say money makes the world go round, but what do you do when your lack of finances leaves you spinning instead? We’ve broken down 5 tips and tricks that will boost your bank balance, with a little help from the Universe.

1. Affirmations

We all have the power to change our circumstances, whether we’re down to our last dollar or we need some extra cash to keep us going through hard times. Mindset is where the magic happens, so when your relationship with money is more ‘I’m broke’ than ‘I attract money easily’, you can understand why you might find yourself in the red from time to time. Abundance is always in reach, the Universe is just waiting for you to take it! The key is to break through your negative beliefs about money that are causing you to miss out on all of the prosperity that awaits you. 

Affirmations are a great way to reprogram your mindset, replacing any negative thoughts with positive beliefs instead. Start your day on a positive note and define the tone of your life so you can become the money magnet you were always meant to be.

Have a go at these tried and tested favorites and watch your money grow:

I am wealthy.

I am financially comfortable.

Money is always available to be.

My bills are always paid on time and in full.

2. Check Please!

The bank of the Universe loves to cash out, so try this nifty trick to bring more money your way. The magic check was made popular by everybody’s favorite law of attraction book ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne. Countless success stories have poured in from people all around the world with tales of life-changing amounts of money coming in unexpectedly into their lives, just by using this method. Simply download and print the Universal check from The Secret website and fill out the details. To start, enter an amount that seems realistic and achievable to you, then add today’s date and sign it. Carry it around with you and know that the money is already yours. As soon as you put your order out into the Universe, all the forces are working to bring it to you.

Once you’ve mastered the art of manifesting small amounts you can work your way up to the big numbers and change your finances forever!

3. Gratitude

The power of gratitude will have you raking in the cash and feeling prosperous in no time. Every day we underestimate the power of a simple ‘thank you’, whether that’s for the electricity that we receive at the flick of a switch or the coins that we find sitting at the bottom of our purse. Being thankful for everything our money allows us to have, what we’ve received and the money that is coming our way, will surround you with magical energy. Allow yourself to manifest abundance and start saying thank you!

Be grateful for every ounce of money that you have received in the past. Whether it was your salary, a penny you found on the ground, an unexpected discount that you received at the checkout for your shopping, or when someone has picked up the check at dinner. Be grateful for what you have at present, no matter what the amount. Be grateful for all the money that you will receive in the future, and it will come if you expect it! The magical power of gratitude will transform your bank balance and will raise your vibration. Feel grateful and become prosperous.

4. Act As If

If you believe it, you can achieve it. What you think is what you attract into your life, including your financial situation. One of the biggest tests of faith is ‘acting as if’ when your current circumstances say quite the contrary, yet it remains one of the most powerful things you can do when you want to bring more money into your life. 

Start by acknowledging how you talk about money to your friends and family, if you complain about your cashflow nip it in the bud and replace negative talk with uplifting and powerful statements. If you’re unemployed don’t lie in bed all day, set an alarm and get up early in the morning as if you were getting ready for a successful day of wealth building. Don’t let the lockdown stop you from bringing abundance into your life, send out applications for a remote job, or start a side hustle! 

Dress to impress. Don’t lounge around in pajamas all day, pop on your favorite outfit that makes you feel like a million dollars and manifest exactly that amount into your life. Become the person you wish to be, it all starts with you.

5. Vision Boards

A popular creative outlet for manifestations, vision boards are a great way of projecting your dreams and desires out into the Universe. Whether it’s a handmade poster of what you want to attract into your life or a DIY desktop wallpaper of your dream car, having a visual aid of everything that you want will create the right energy for manifesting money.

Ask yourself, how much money do I want? What do I want to do with the money? How will it make me feel? Based on your answers, start collecting relevant images and affirmations and get stuck into creating your vision board. Fill a poster board, corkboard, or even a space on your wall with your images and allow yourself to get excited about how amazing your life is! Feel the energy and the wealth, look at your vision board, and see it as a visual representation of your achievements. It’s already yours!

What you want already exists, it’s up to you to recognize the light that lies within you and unblock the flow of abundance from within your being. You are the co-creator of your life so make something magical and turn your dreams into your reality. Set your intentions, make your Universal order of abundance loud and clear, and watch the money maker that you are, come to life!

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