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20 Psychedelic & Meditation Inspired Gifs

Here is the Cosmic Temple Vibes top Meditation and Psychedelic inspired gifs. We feel each of these gifs earned its spot in our top 20 by the unique vibe each one emanates....

20 Interesting Space Facts

#1 One light year is the amount of distance light travels in a single year. Light travels at about 186,000 miles per second, so one light year equates to approximately 5,900,000,000,000 miles or...

30 Dogs Doing Yoga that will Make your Day

It should come to no surprise that dogs are naturals at practicing Doga (Dog Yoga), with poses like downward dog, upward dog and puppy dog poses named after them. There are also...

11 Inspirational Buddha Quotes

Here we have put together a list of 11 inspirational Buddha quotes that you can share on social media. Each quote is inspirational and was designed with unique abstract backgrounds. Let us...

50 Crystal Grid Designs for Inspiration & Healing

Today we've put together an amazing list of crystal grid designs. If you've never seen one of these before then I think you're in for a treat. The shear imagination and rooted...

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