The Law of Attraction for Kids

We all want to give our kids everything that we didn’t have when we were growing up. From a great education to having a happy home life, our children deserve the very best. So why aren’t more of us teaching our kids about the Law of Attraction? How old were you when you first discovered that thoughts become things – were you in your teens or adult years? The majority of us stumbled across the magic of co-creation a little later into our lives, by which point society had already shaped our subconscious beliefs. 

Imagine how much easier our lives would be if we had only been taught the power of the Law of Attraction when we were kids? Picture the abundance, the effortless joy and the natural ability to manifest what we want with ease. If you haven’t already taught your child how to manifest, it’s not too late! Give your kids the advantage in life and teach them the Law of Attraction so that they can live the life of their dreams.


When teaching the Law of Attraction for kids it’s important to note that your child’s success comes down to what you are willing to teach and the kind of example that you want to be to your child. It’s all about instilling positive habits, starting with gratitude. Practice saying thank you with your child for the little things in life, start each morning and end each day with a heart full of gratitude. From brushing their teeth in the morning to tucking them into bed for the night, make appreciation a part of your child’s routine to ensure that they’ll become ‘master manifesters’. Teaching your child the art of the Law of Attraction through the power of gratitude will ensure that they grow up to become positive people who spread joy wherever they go. Fill your little ones with high vibrations and set the tone of their lives using a simple act of gratitude, every day.

Creative Power

Kids love to play, so why not channel that creative energy into a powerful manifestation tool? It has long been known that actively putting your creation and energy into something can boost your manifestation power, tenfold. Utilise this effective method to boost your child’s creative power and lock in the knowledge that they can bring, or draw, anything to life! Sit down together and have your child draw a picture of something that they want and hang it on the wall someplace where they will see it often. Then, every time that they see it they should feel happy and grateful that the thing they want is already in their lives. Embracing creative energy is one of the best ways to fast track manifestations and when your child sees their dreams come to life they’ll be a firm believer in the Law of Attraction in no time.


The idea of a child sitting still for more than five minutes seems impossible, but by training them at a young age they will adopt healthy habits and a sense of wellbeing. With practice, patience and a routine set early in life, children can use the power of creative visualization and meditation to master manifesting their dreams while developing a strong sense of wellness. While their brains are still developing, help them to shape and mould it by embracing conscious thinking through meditation. Meditate with them and guide them through the process, switching to different variations every time to ensure that they don’t get bored. If you have a garden and great weather, meditating in nature is a great way to help your child to connect to the Universe. 


Kids love to dream big and all too often their thoughts and ideas are challenged by adults who tell them to ‘be realistic’ or the soul-crushing ‘that’s not going to happen’. The more that children are told that they can’t achieve something, the more that they lose their sparkle, so now it’s time to break the cycle. Instil the belief that anything is possible in your child and watch them flourish. Sky’s the limit, there are no boundaries to what a person can manifest into their experience and your child is no exception. Lift them up and watch them fly, supporting their dreams is the best way to build your child up as a co-creator with the Law of Attraction. If they want to be an astronaut, introduce them to NASA. If they want to be a famous chef, teach them how to cook. Be their number one supporter and you’ll set them up for success.

The Magic Jar

The active imagination and innocence of children are one of the most beautiful blessings, as they do not possess the limitations that so many of us adults do. Life is magical and full of wonder when you’re a tiny tot, so sprinkle a little Law of Attraction enchantment into their lives with The Magic Jar method. To you it’s an empty jar, to them it’s the portal that will bring all their dreams to life. Have them decorate a jar with glitter, paint or anything that you have lying around the house, make sure that it’s special and made with love. Once their jar is complete, have them fill it with notes that contain all of their wishes. This is a fun way to encourage your child to dream big, develop larger than life aspirations and manifest them! 


Once your little one becomes a Law of Attraction guru be sure to celebrate every one of their successes, and there will be plenty! Keep a list of all of their achievements, reward their amazing results and encourage them to share the secrets of the Universe with their friends. From the moment you bless their lives with the knowledge of the Law of Attraction, they’ll be sure to flourish and become the best version of themselves that they can be. One of the greatest gifts that you can ever give to your child is how to use the Law of Attraction to their advantage, they’ll be thanking you in no time.

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