The Truth Behind Binaural Beats

It has been heralded as one of the best tools for mental manipulation and brain entrainment, from countless viral YouTube videos to numerous scientific studies, binaural beat therapy has taken the world by storm. Safe and effective, binaural beats have become increasingly popular and are changing the way that we understand the power of the mind. We’re here to give you the scoop on how they work and how you can improve the quality of your life, simply by harnessing the power of the brain and sound frequencies.

Although binaural beats are gaining notoriety, they’re far from a new concept. Originally discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove in 1839, binaural beats have been used for years to alter the subconscious mind. Working as an auditory illusion that utilises sound wave therapy, a binaural beat is two separate frequencies that are played at the same time, causing the brain to sync them into one single tone. Binaural beats act as the secret key to unlocking the ideal mental state, thus improving the way that our brainwaves work.

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Despite the brain being one of the most complex organs within the human body, it is surprisingly simple to alter our state of consciousness. Binaural beats provide us with a tool to help us achieve our goals while activating various parts of the brain by using engineered frequencies of sound. 

To reap the benefits of binaural beats headphones must be used, this is because each ear is fed a different frequency. Binaural means sounds that are transmitted separately into two ears, so pop on a good pair of earphones to ensure that you’re registering the different frequencies correctly. Once the brain perceives the sounds as one tone it can induce various brainwaves, catapulting your brainpower to the next level.  

For the binaural beat to be effective, the two different frequencies must be less than 1000 Hz, with a difference of no more than 30 Hz between them. The correct combination of frequencies can produce sound waves that improve cognitive brain function and induce brainwave activity. This can produce a deeper meditative state, while sharpening mental clarity and focus to increase productivity.

There are four major types of brainwaves:

Beta: High levels of alertness and concentration.

Alpha: Conscious relaxation.

Theta: Relaxation and reduced anxiety. 

Delta: REM sleep. 

By using frequencies to activate brainwaves, many have reported a vast array of life-changing benefits by incorporating binaural beats into their everyday lives.

Some benefits are:

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  • A reduction in anxiety.
  • Increased focus and concentration.
  • Better relaxation.
  • Improved pain management.
  • Positive moods.
  • Less stress.
  • Increased levels of creativity.

So how can you improve your life by using this simple method?

Meditate daily while listening to binaural beats with earphones. Find a comfortable place alone and close your eyes, connecting to the frequency and sound of the tone. Improvements in your mental and physical state can happen after a minimum of 10 minutes of use, however greater levels of improvement can be seen after one week of consistent meditation using binaural beats.

Do you have a specific goal in mind?

Increase the power of binaural beats, tenfold, with incorporated affirmations. Whether it’s your dream to unblock your subconscious beliefs about money or even if you wish to change your natural eye colour, there are hundreds of binaural beats with integrated subliminal messages that are readily available from reputable sources. 

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The additional affirmations are registered by the subconscious part of the brain, allowing you to train your mind to not only change and improve your thoughts and the way that you process information but also healing and improving the physical body. Many have used binaural beats to find love, friendship, wealth and improved physical health. The possibilities are endless. The effectiveness of triggering certain brainwaves and the empowering force of affirmations creates a potent combination of life-altering notes and melodies, all at the press of a button.

Whether you perceive it as sci-fi or as one of the greatest scientific discoveries, binaural beats are here to stay and are making ‘waves’ within the New Thought community. Though you might not wake up with the body of a pro athlete after listening to a binaural beat for 10 minutes, with consistency and patience you can create the reality of your dreams. Download a beat, embrace the frequencies and live your best life.

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Never listen to binaural beats when operating heavy machinery or driving. Live improvements and personal development certified. Results may vary.

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