The Year of the Revolution

2020. We launched into the year with so many hopes and dreams, with goals and vision boards formed we danced into the New Year with cheer in our hearts and hope for the new decade. As the clock struck 12 we wondered with excitement about what the future held. Though we may not have known then, 2020 is the year that no one will forget.

Through the destruction and chaotic whirlpool that this year has brought we have experienced grief, pain and suffering on a global scale that has not yet been experienced in the modern world. The trials and tribulations we have faced have impacted every man, woman and child, casting uncertainty into the darkness. Life, as we know it, has ceased to exist and though we mourn the loss of life and our old way of living, the conscious few celebrate the breaking of a new dawn.

The turn of the decade marks the moment when the world changed forever. Our lives have become increasingly filled with great transformations, ominous news and heartbreaking catastrophes. From the death of a highly acclaimed sports legend, apocalyptic bushfires and a global pandemic to the largest civil rights movement in history, these events have shocked and shaped us all and the road is only half travelled.

Make no mistake, this is a global wake up call. A new chapter in our lives is upon us where ascension into 5D consciousness has shifted the very fabric of the Universe and we are awakening. Our old way of life has broken down and we are shedding our previous identities as ‘spiritually stunted beings’. As we isolate in our homes and as our lands come under lockdown, the shadow of the global health emergency has accelerated our spiritual growth as we enter a new world.

There is no going back to the way that things were, there’s no question about that. This is the birth of something new where we can elevate one another and build a world that honours the very meaning of our existence, to love. Though we may be separated by seas and oceans and languages and cultures, these worldly aspects do not change the fact that we are all the same. We are all one, and as one family we share the same home where it, and its inhabitants, have been neglected and pillaged for profit in the name of greed. 

When catastrophe strikes it is not the time to hide and fear what lies ahead. When the call for equality is made it is not the time to turn a deaf ear. Now is the moment to solidify our mark on the world and change it for the better. Astrologers have remarked that the last time that Saturn was in Aquarius the 1992 Los Angeles riots occurred. From 1762-1778 Pluto was in Capricorn, during which the American Revolution took place. Neptune was in Pisces when the great Roman Empire fell – all of these planetary alignments are happening at this very moment. 

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This is a change for the better, do not lament over what you left behind, celebrate communities coming together, roar with the many around the globe in the fight against supremacy, embrace a healthier lifestyle and give thanks for the moments spent with the ones that we love. Connect with the Earth and lay the foundation that we are rebuilding the system upon. This is The Great Spiritual Awakening. Our souls are developing beyond the want and need for physical and material items that are so prevalent within the 3D dimension, we are discovering knowledge that was once beyond our comprehension. Let go of the ego and desires of the flesh, there is meaning to everything in this life and now is the time for you to find yours.

Artwork by Joel Salinas

The upheaval of our realities due to recent events have provided us with the opportunity to delve deeper within ourselves and use our life purpose to change the world. As lightworkers of this planet, we are on a mission to restore peace and harmony to every being on Earth. We were brought here to learn lessons and grow while Source and Spirit guide us on our quest to experience life to its fullest, through the good, the bad and the ugly.

So though we are yet to bask freely in the sun again, let us observe as nature heals itself in our absence and air pollution levels fall. Though we may not be with our loved ones, may we appreciate the people in our lives. Though the unlawful killings of minorities have shattered the lives of so many, stand with the billions who see us all as brother and sister, united in our journey throughout life. Let us take note and take steps to ensure that we do not revert back to our old ways. The path has been formed, it is your duty to take it.

20 Psychedelic & Meditation Inspired Gifs

This is the time to go within and learn to appreciate the little things in life. Be the change that you wish to seek. Shift your vibration and meditate on this new loving and open energy that our world has ascended into. Connect to the frequency of the Universe and affirm positive intentions. You are awake but the journey is just beginning, this is the start of a revolution that marks the end of all that we knew for the sake of a better tomorrow. 

While we collectively heal the planet, start to study and reflect. Spiritual development takes place from within and our devotion to unifying ourselves as one through the power of love and our conscious awakening will allow us to reach heights unknown to us. Together we can evolve further. Be pro-peace, pro-abundance and pro-joy. We are spirit in the vessel that we call our bodies, let us do the work of the divine and use the events of 2020 to create a fresh start for all.

As the year propels us into a new age. Breathe in light and illuminate the soul. The revolution is here. It is time.


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