Join tmr for Electronic Grooves which is a series of music events starting at our Cosmic Temple Vibes Headquarters. It features progressive soundscapes to excite and guide you on a journey of blissful sounds. Opening dj’s start 6pm, event ends midnight. Free Entry.

Episode 1 featuring,

Sasha Belkanov is a non-DJ, a former miner, a live broadcast director and a collector of musical styles in a wide range: from twisting ambient and funky disco to psychedelic trance and fast-paced industrial techno.

Sasha has been constantly in love with electronic music for more than 20 years. Over the past 3 years, he has recorded 8 selective compilations, the material for which was a total of about 30 thousand tracks.

Image of a woman being carried through the air by swans.

26/33 Wiset Rd, Rawai Phuket

Friday Feb 2


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